1. What are you looking for?

Puja journal is dedicated to seeking, curating, and displaying non-conformist, honest, engaging content. We accept texts and images from creative and curious people regardless of their backgrounds.

2. Who is eligible to participate in the call?

Artists, writers, scientists, and chefs; curators, architects, thinkers, and nurses. The journal connects perspectives of the East European region and the Mediterranean. If you’re not identifying with these (psycho-) geographies and you wish to participate anyway, drop us a message to info@pujajournal.eu

3. Can I submit my work in my own language?

The language of the magazine is English.

4. Do you pay your contributors?

We are not able to financially support our contributors right now. Since Puja Journal is a completely self-organized project, its existence is solely based on passion, faith, and sleepless nights. In lack of financial compensation, we accept original works and published pieces as well.

5. Are you going to print this?

Not right now. The issues of the mag are published online.

6. Who is behind the journal?

Puja Journal is run by Ráhel Anna Molnár.